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A bon entendeur…

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Magellan Vincent Strauss Comgest Madoff

Strauss, one of the more outspoken fund managers in Europe, […]  had strong words to say about the state of the Western banking system following the crisis. ‘Nothing has been addressed, the self regulation of banks is a joke. Now they are a legal Madoff, especially with regards to derivatives- which are a zero sum gain. The new alchemy is 1+1=3 when it comes to bank’s derivatives. It is all like a Ponzi scheme.’


C’est Vincent Strauss, l’excellent gérant de l’excellent fonds émergents « Magellan », qui le dit… (Interview Philip Haddon – Citywire – 25/01/10 – posté par Sylsol sur Paperblog, et José64 sur Boursorama – Photo by, licence Creative Commons)